• ycrario23 Nov 2022, 11:03
    posted a new topic: DM/LOSTWAY in Maps + Map Fixes
  • Fuckemup10 Nov 2022, 23:49
    posted a new topic: SOF MEETING in General
  • Acadie06 Nov 2022, 17:45
    The servers list in changes gametype abbreviation for their full name (DM --> Deathmatch). What's funny is they've done it with my two coop server as "Co-op". The reality with the two is I only hex edited Team DM for COOP :lol:
  • Keifer05 Nov 2022, 20:52
    Whoever is having mouse acc issues, send me a PM on here or on discord.
  • Keifer03 Nov 2022, 16:45
    To be honest, i do remember this - I think you was being trialled and trolled in the same couple of days. Was quite funny but you can blame castro for that lol
  • Stealth01 Nov 2022, 23:29
    posted a new topic: Supppp in Introduce Yourself
  • nissan30 Oct 2022, 19:28
    posted a new topic: Some questions i have in General
  • nissan30 Oct 2022, 18:38
    Hey Keifer thanks for letting me join EF clan back in 2011 (?) :cool: :cool:
  • Keifer25 Oct 2022, 12:45
    I hope one exists unless someone would like to make it :D haha
  • Acadie25 Oct 2022, 00:29
    Does it exist? Perhaps there's one available for Quake 2 and compatible for SoF.

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