Extended multiplayer SoF skins

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Extended multiplayer SoF skins

Post by Acadie »

Extended multiplayer skin pack
  • Raven Software (textures)
  • Acadie (Configuration files)

Server admin
The default multiplayer skin does not count every ones seen in Single Player. This .pak file will extend for a more complete list. Contrary to what we are used to download, none of them are based on the traditional ./ghoul/custom folder. This is quite essential for some users who aren't into big/long download.

The .pak file goes to your ./SOF PLATINUM/base folder.

NOTE: The advantageous helmet (not the worker helmet) on skins are already removed.
NOTE2: Rebel skin is based upon the true m_kos_mberel seen in KOS missions.
extended skins.pak
(182.42 KiB) Downloaded 56 times
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Re: Extended multiplayer SoF skins

Post by Trekker »

Active on my servers.

Next you need to do skins with masks on else, Fauci be closing master servers down
Shocking we don't have masked Smilies yet.
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Re: Extended multiplayer SoF skins

Post by Grim »

I am always happy for the work of you two. I'm going to look
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Re: Extended multiplayer SoF skins

Post by ycrario »

Added them to the server they are really nice, good work acadie
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