New start

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New start

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If you guys are tired of the shit thats been going on for years like me but you kept with it because you enjoyed the games then its time to start fresh.the reason why sof keeps slowing dieing because of fools like evilan making drama and most of the people that voted no defending him, Its the rot thats been in it since the start but we lived with it we tried to clean it with the help from decent people over the years anticheats etc. But now we are at the point where we need to cut this away and move on and it isnt to late we have plans in place to start fresh ill leave it at that for now.

We have alot of people interested already some old faces and mostly kk clan so for the people who are interested in playing some clean games without the sof drama they can message me and ill update them when the time comes remember back to the wax days where we knew players but login well thats just the start of it players will be logged by hardware :wink: ill update you more via PM

Can the Mods keep this thread from being another 10 page drama thread so we can get this message out.
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Re: New start

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The thing is its all good on sundays.. like when tt playing ef/vm.. all cool n friendly.
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Re: New start

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spread the word
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Re: New start

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Lol wb L-Clan
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