An old player returning? A newbie? Introduce yourself!
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Hello there i am after 2 years back! :clap: Maybe someone oldschool players can remember me as: _KILLER_CZ , (CZ)_KILLER_ and later as Hauss. I started play this game maybe in years 2006-2007 ??? 90% played DM on servers like stompers, GTO raven, mad onion, lag DM, kks gaming or ARONˇS game and many many others :D because on CTF i am big noob :bored: Sometimes to sometimes i played PL Gaming server CTF or THE DOG HOUSE ahhh thats memories :wub: . I am little sad when i see always on server list 0 players :shake: .I install sof in next few days and try to play some games :wub: .Sorry for my bad english :tongue: .
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Re: Hello!!!

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Hello, been a while.
Welcome back i guess.
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