Jay Hud version 2

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Re: Jay Hud version 2

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smokestaH wrote:
Sauron wrote:
smokestaH wrote:
Sauron wrote:
smokestaH wrote:I must ve been the only one using this one!
smokestaH wrote:i guess u mongoloids cant read english.

Persian started collecting all the SoF stuff, he got his hands on this version after i uploaded it (same with one of his crosshair packs). So i guess in 2011 i was one of the few (or only one who knows) who still had this version saved.

And no Jays hud isnt from 2005, its from 2003 at the oldest.
You personally saved the hud from extinction whatever floats your boat.
Only thing i wanted to comment on was that what stated "i might have been/I must ve been".
No, bull there are more players in love with this hud and you are trying to take credit for simply uploading it in 2011.
Just because you send it to Sayna for the upload doesnt mean there wheren't others who also send the hud to him.

"I sent this file in so it has be the one I send no it can't be the same file uploaded by someone else MINE" :fp:
U seem really passionate about this subject. My original reply had a sarcastic touch. Noone actually cares about a HUD from 2003, i mean u do realise that right? But in 2011 i dont think anyone was using it from what i saw at that point in time (i do want to apologise to anyone who did infact use this hud in 2011 it was not my intention to offend) same goes with the crosshairs, i havent seen anyone use that one. There was no SoF download site, no surprise shit can get lost after 10+ years. Why would i want to take credit for a hud haha.

Nah dude im gonna be honest with u. U busted me. i was trying to get credit for uploading a 2003 hud in 2011 because i need some extra SoF rep.
Yes I get it no one cares. and no, I am really passionate about the notion "I did upload this / Sent this to sayna"  there is no other way sayna got it else where.

sarcastic touches are working great in text.
Well yeah in 2011 he didnt have it untill i uploaded it. That doesnt mean he could not have gotten it from someone else if he had specifically asked for it. I never implied that i was the one that saved the HUD from extinction, that is your own little insecure fucked up brain that did that.

Again, why is it important to u exactly? I never said that i was the only one who used this hud. My original comment was directed at that point in time (2011) and not in the history of SoF.

btw, piss off.
ya did imply diverend versions.

Piss off is that a contest well let's piss it on.
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Re: Jay Hud version 2

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Fuckemup wrote:new hud, 85% of sof uses it as evilan added it too the Community Versions lmao.

Fuck that newskool hud, gimme melk.seals one from 99-2000
this one?
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Re: Jay Hud version 2

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rings a bell yes
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Re: Jay Hud version 2

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Does this make the HUD larger? Or are you running in a lower resolution?
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