how to start the game?

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Re: how to start the game?

Post by Grim »

heh, choose your words more carefully.

sof i stopped playing because the servers were empty.
I will wait a month if the sof "revives"
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Re: how to start the game?

Post by Sharksk »

dmd wrote: 28 Sep 2022, 21:52 With game not running,
make a copy of "sof.exe" (save the copy in another Directory/ Folder)
rename sof.exe to mohaa.exe (not the one you copied and backed up, rename the original in SoF folder)
launch mohaa.exe
how does it work? i've upgraded to win 11 and the game didnt start, so i believed for your tip and changed it to mohaa.exe and it works, how? lol
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Re: how to start the game?

Post by Keifer »

Mohaa was published by EA made by ID Software who made Quake, SoF is branched off Q2 engine.
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Re: how to start the game?

Post by Trekker »

It is more to do with the Path to the ".exe" in the Registry which is set when the game is being installed and Microsoft's Legacy .dll assigned to the game. (older games)
Any name other than the one in the Registry (or even the ".exe" launched from another path), should allow the game to use it's own libraries and launch.

Portable SoF, should not experience this exact behaviour.

With Win7, it was easier to delete the whole key in the Registry rather than editing.
I myself, had no issues with win 10 straight install and launch, but no longer using 10.
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Re: how to start the game?

Post by Evil4N »

Acadie wrote: 02 Oct 2022, 21:23 This is a well known issue and has even been fixed in the GOG troubleshooting.

From mouse acceleration to this. I might think someone is cursing you with black magic. Image
Can you tell me more about this mouse acceleration @Acadie
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Re: how to start the game?

Post by Acadie »

That Windows still enable mouse acceleration in game even when you have it disabled? Usually, a registry fix solve this problem but for Maker, it didn't work.
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