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Gain health from the fire extinguisher

Posted: 02 Aug 2022, 02:40
by Acadie
Recommended weapon: shotgun
Minimum health: Over 5%
Time to wait: 6 seconds

There's a phenomenon with the fire extinguisher where after you press the use key to let the compound leak and you wait for a certain amount of time, each bullet you shoot will replenish your health until the object becomes destroyed. The shotgun is the recommended weapon for its burst shell.

When using a stopwatch to gauge by eye the timing, you will start gaining health after 3 seconds and 6 seconds is the optimal time to replenish up to ~25% of your health. You will loose health if done too soon though (less than 3 seconds). Also, be sure you have at least more than 5-10% of health to pull this trick or else the fire extinguisher will kill you.